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catie + bryan


The classic columns of the Toledo Museum of Art has made it the ‘go-to’ place for wedding photos for decades… and for this reason, I have avoided it. However, I am always up for challenging myself and wanted to look at this Toledo wonder with new eyes. Catie & Bryan woke up at the crack of dawn for their sunrise engagement session and we toured the lovely architecture of TMA. Toledo is lucky to host amazing buildings with incredible art inside and for us to be able to use them as a backdrop & sometimes foreground ;)

andrea + justino


Andrea and Justino are the big winners of the Pinnacle Wedding Giveaway that took place in Toledo over the spring.  MWP was happy to collaborate on this contest, such great professionals involved!   It was great meeting them & venturing around downtown Toledo for their engagement photos.  The whole process has been quite a whirlwind for the couple, who were alternates in competing the contest… Alternates winning a $30k+ wedding, kind of awesome!  Congrats to them!

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emily + brad


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amanda + zach


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kiah + dock


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samantha + jonathan


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britney + nick


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katie + danny


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sarah + chris


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