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Get to know Kerri, our Associate Photographer!

favourites of 2013!

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Hard to believe another year has flown by & I’m pulling my favourite images from the year!  2013 was a year full of growth… photographing births, small businesses, commercial campaigns & of course weddings.  Each of those so different from one another on the surface, but really when looking through the photos as a whole, they all feel so similar.  People having fun, great energy!   We have a ton of fun while on shoots, connecting with the people who photograph, no matter what the subject matter.  Always humbling to look back & see the moments we were able to capture for the people who trusted us to be there for the biggest moments in their lives.  THANK YOU!

Cheers to 2013!

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favourites of 2012: weddings


My favourite images from our 2012 weddings!  Modern portraits, candid moments, killer flowers, stunning rings & stationary.  Every wedding this year was so different from one another yet my couples have so much in common with one another… They’re fun, laid back & totally in love with each other!!

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favourites of 2012: portraits

births + babies, portraits

Cheers to another great season!!! Engagements, weddings, baby bumps, births, newborns, toddlers…. 2012 was the year to step outside my comfort zone, try photographing in a new way & I feel so inspired for 2013.

Part one is everything that isn’t the wedding day :)

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brittany + brett



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kristyn + johnny


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chelsea + tate



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favourites of 2011

engaged, personal, wedding

Here’s my annual favourites of the year!  Amazingly narrowed down to just 20 photos.

Cheers to 2011!
Cheers to not biting off more than we could chew and delivering ALL of our couples their initial wedding album design AND proofs within 3 weeks after the wedding…. wasn’t easy with a newborn but we made it happen.
Cheers to a great team!
Cheers to THE BEST clients that we could ask for.  Their trust in us makes it all worth it… seriously love you all!
Cheers to 2012!!!  Let’s make it a great year, big things & badass photos!
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Sarah + Geoffrey



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