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jess + mitch


Jess and Mitch are Ohioans who relocated to Chicago, a city whose lake, baseball team and architecture they have grown quite fond of.  I don’t blame them!  I took the 4 hour drive out to Chicago and somehow convinced them that sunrise was THE only way to hit up the popular landmarks that they wanted to use as backdrops.

Millennium Park is in the heart of Chicago and meeting at the ever popular Cloud Gate aka The Bean at sunrise meant we had it to ourselves… which is eerie considering how popular of a selfie spot it is!  Since my last visit to Cloud Gate was the year it was installed, about 10 years ago, the area has even more to offer.

I was thrilled to see a Frank Gehry designed pavilion and the BP Pedestrian Bridge which made me long for a drone.  The architecture geek in me was even more excited that we could be on a Frank Gehry installation and see the Jeanne Gang’s Aqua Tower in the background!

I love that Jess and Mitch adore the architecture and landmarks enough to wake up early on a weekend.  These two are so adorable… their laughs and smiles made all of our faces hurt by the time we wrapped.

Thank you for inviting me to photograph this time in your lives in the city you love.  Your wedding next year is going to be amazing, can’t wait!

erica + chris


We are pretty lucky in Toledo to be a short drive from Chicago, a city where it seems many MWP couples live. They often relocate there after college and then come back to Toledo for their wedding. I made the drive to Chicago for Erica & Chris’s engagement session in November… and I was pretty nervous that those notorious Chicago chilly winds would make it a challenge for their engagement photos. Well Mother Nature was on our side!!! It was gorgeous and we were able to visit all of the places that the lovely couple had on their photo wishlist! Thank you Chris and Erica for inviting me out to your city, to meet your pup & all the fun facts that you’ve accumulated while living there!

brittany + tyler


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