For Photographers


Here’s what I shoot with, lug my gear in & sit in front of all day… plus some other goodies.


Canon 5DM3
135mm f2L
35mm f1.4L
50mm f1.2L
100mm 2.8L macro
17-40mm f4L
Godox Flashes
Crumpler Freestanding Edwardian
Evolve Edits
Adobe Creative Cloud!


New to the business & utterly overwhelmed?  Been in the game for years & stuck in a rut?  Happy where you’re at but wanting a fresh perspective?


I’m happy to offer custom tailored, one-on-one consulting to answer any & all of your questions about this crazy business… I don’t believe in secrets, anything you want to know or go over, I’m game!  Even if you are a photographer in the Toledo area… plenty of business to go around!

Just a few of the topics we can cover:
  • pricing & how to go full time
  • post processing
  • album design
  • building a brand that represents you & attracts your ideal clientele
  • camera technicals
  • finding your style
  • posing
  • working with clients
Consults are available from 2-8 hour sessions… Contact me for more info!  FaceTime or Skype is available if making the trip to Toledo isn’t doable.

Mentoring Sessions are not available to photographers in Toledo, Ohio or within 45 minutes of Toledo. Sorry!

Interested in a one on one consult?