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Fauxto-Booth by Mary Wyar Photography


view photos from your event!

the FAUXTO-BOOTH is not an actual booth where guests take photos of themselves

the FAUXTO-BOOTH photos are taken in perfect lighting by your photographer, not a timer… you’re getting the highest quality photograph & most for your money

the FAUXTO-BOOTH is manned by a photographer to help guests show their crazy/goofy side

the FAUXTO-BOOTH is a ton more fun than being trapped in a box with a camera

the FAUXTO-BOOTH does not spit out pictures for guests to take with them

the FAUXTO-BOOTH photos will appear on within 48 hours of your event for guests to download, print or share on social media

the FAUXTO-BOOTH photos are high quality photos available for purchase

the FAUXTO-BOOTH does not bring a box of props, we ask you not  to provide props for your guests, instead we will utilize random objects found at your venue yielding much more fun, creative photos!  if you do offer props, we cannot guarentee the same type of photo shown in our portfolio

the FAUXTO-BOOTH will give you lots of totally fun, professional photos of your guests

since the FAUXTO-BOOTH is a product of MARY WYAR PHOTOGRAPHY, you know you will be getting a high quality set of hilarious images that will last you your lifetime!

CONTACT US for more info & how to reserve the FAUXTO-BOOTH for your event!