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419 day at oak openings

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The Toledo Instagrammers organized photo meet ups on Toledo’s big 419 Day & starting at 7:30 am out at Oak Openings, a favourite spot of the Instagram community out here.  We packed up the kiddies & headed out the door at 7am.  It was a gorgeous morning & great to put so many names to Instagram handles.   If you haven’t been out to Oak Openings, it is a truly magically park… The trees lined up too perfectly.

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locke’s big boy room

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Almost 3 years ago, before I became a mommy, I shared photos of our son Locke’s room.  It has since grown into the room of an energetic 2.5 year old.  This boy makes me smile every day & his bedroom turned out to be the perfect representation of his fun loving, spirited personality.

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my boys

births + babies, personal

Since it’s not our busiest time of year for shoots, a few engagement sessions coming up that we’re pumped for,  I thought I’d share with you a few photos of my boys that I took last month.  Let me tell you, posing a 9.5lb newborn is MUCH different than the 7 pounders I have photographed in the past.

Baby Fox’s birth announcement & he with big brother Locke :) And to those curious, Fox’s name was inspired by our love for Wes Anderson’s movie The Fantastic Mr. Fox… Once his room is done, I’ll share photos.  There are some great pieces in it!

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meet fox!

news, personal

It’s a BOY!  Meet Fox Daniel who made his debut on December 26th!  I’ll be taking longer to respond to emails & inquires, but will be scheduling consults with 2014 wedding couples for January.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!!

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new addition coming soon!

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I don’t often post personal blogs, BUT I wanted to share this exciting news!  A new addition to Mary Wyar Photography will be joining the team this winter!  I’m beyond excited & this little one is starting to make itself known, so I figured it was time to share the news :)



What this means to my amazing couples/clients… Won’t effect weddings this year, planned to coincide with my “off season”.  I will, however, be taking a nice maternity leave November 2013 through April 2014 & will not be scheduling any sessions within those months.  So 2014 wedding couples, you’ll want to plan engagement sessions by October of this year!  Send me an email asap to get those on the calendar.

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer!

PS THANK YOU to Carli Felix for the photo above! :)


locke turns one


No fuss, backyard party, without a theme, candy bar or favors. Didn’t send invites. Just some random cupcakes, good food, laughs & sunshine.  Like most of us had as kids.

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dinner with locke

personal, portraits

You don’t always need a cute theme, or outfit, or background or anything to get adorable portraits of your kid.  I’m wanting to do more of these truly authentic lifestyle sessions where the kid or family or whoever is just themselves, no direction, just me observing with my camera… This is Locke post dinner… His face covered in quinoa & slobber.  In his diaper (& matching spoon).

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new website/blog AND locke @ 8mos

news, personal, portraits

After staring at my computer for 2 months, I am so happy to finally reveal our integrated website/blog!!! So proud of this!  I created about 97% of this myself… needed help coding a tiny bit of it.  It will allow us to easily update our galleries and different sections without having to login in 3 different spaces.  Stoked.

And because I need to post photos… here is my sweet little man, almost a month ago when I photographed him at 8 months.  He is awesome.  So funny and super hyper.  Crawling and loves everything he can’t have.  His favourite song is Twinkle, Twinkle and Rubber Duckie (by Ernie) is a close 2nd.


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locke 7 months!

personal, portraits

The many faces of Locke!!!

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