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Lightroom Presets for the web

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I recently shared on our Facebook page how I use Lightroom while processing photo sessions… Choosing to ‘edit in’ using Lightroom’s color label, rather than choosing rejects from a shoot.  This method, for whatever reason, makes that culling process that much quicker.  To take it a step further, I thought I’d share with you how I then use Lightroom for exporting photos ready to share on the web using their exporting & watermarking presets…

Lightroom Presets from Mary Wyar on Vimeo.

Stressing over where to do wedding photos? Don’t.

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In 2009 I photographed close to 30 weddings.  I was going nuts trying to come up with unique areas to do portraits for each one of those weddings… oh, AND engagement shoots.  I’d spend hours driving around looking for ‘spots’.  Taking quicks photos of areas, keeping a journal with street names & short descriptions.  It was crazy.

In 2011, I had my first son… and well…. ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I distinctively remember trying to come up with ideas of Ashley & Mike’s wedding in July 2011.  Their church was 1 mile from my home… and I couldn’t think of anywhere to do their photos.  Then I drove by the elementary school near my home.  There was a bench, a few trees in front, solid brick walls & a field out back.  Perfect!  There it is!

Toledo Wedding Photo Locations TipsPhoto from google streetview.

Toledo Wedding Photo Locations Tips

Toledo Wedding Photo Locations Tips

Toledo Wedding Photo Locations Tips

When we arrived at the school, I was surprised to learn that it was the elementary school that most of the bridal party had gone to when kids, where some of them met & forged their lifelong friendship.  I have goosebumps.  These photos are some of my favourite.  They are classic, simple & modern.  They also have even more sentimental value for my couple.

Toledo Wedding Photo Locations Tips

Toledo Wedding Photo Locations Tips

So yeah, don’t stress over photo locations, it’s not that serious.  OR force yourself to hit up a new location every week.  It is more rewarding & challenging to shoot at the same location, in a new way. Finding interest & beauty in a less obvious way.

aToledo Wedding Photo Locations Tips Toledo Wedding Photo Locations Tips

we’re hosting a workshop!

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we’re hiring!

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It’s that time of year again to search for a few people to join the MWP team for our 2014 wedding season (& possibly beyond).

Since Kerri joined on as Associate Photographer, we will need a couple of assistants and we’d love to find someone who is enthusiastic to be a dedicated 2nd photographer!

I am also looking for 1-2 people who are experienced in Adobe Lightroom & InDesign to work in our studio 2-3 days a week.

Interested??? More info and application here:





wedding albums

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I pretty much obsess over wedding album design.  It’s my favourite part of the post processing workflow.  Taking my vision from the day of photographing, translating it into a tangible piece of art that tells the couples story & allows them to relive the excitement of that day over again.  Take a look inside of Jessica & Mark’s album…

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new look book!

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I’ve had a few photographers ask to see the new look book I’ve been previewing on the MWP Instagram page… well it’s finally done & I couldn’t be happier with it.  It showcases my obsession with vivid colors & monochromatic playfulness.  These are for couples to take home after our initial consult… Much better than the PDF I had been emailing ;)  Enjoy the eye-candy!!

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new digital negatives packaging.

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Our new packaging for how we deliver our digital negatives to our wedding clients is finally completed!  So happy to have ditched burning discs and to have these slick new flash drives to present to our amazing couples!  Take a peek at what we came up with!

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shannon + craig

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On Monday, I had a one on one consult with Rick, an up & coming photographer in Toledo.  As part of our session, he wanted to do a shoot together to see how I “pose” couples & interact with them.

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album workflow + design.

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One of the most discussed topics amongst photographers & my photog friends is album workflow and album designing.  It’s one of those things that seem to intimidate the hell out of people just starting their own business or even those who have been in the game for years.

With wedding season underway, I thought I’d take a moment to breakdown my workflow for albums & show you a short(ish) video on how I design albums.
First of all, we’re in the business of storytelling and THE most effective way to tell a story is through a book or album, right?!  For photographers who struggle with piecing together wedding albums, I would stress to them that you MUST visualize your story while you are shooting… Seems obvious, I suppose, but it’s incredibly easy to get lost in the hustle & bustle of the day and forget about how all of your images are going to work together.  I make it clear to couples that we meet with that we are not the photographer who wants you to have one amazing photo to put on your mantle, we are here to provide you with a kick ass wedding album to display on your coffee table. 
So you’ve got your wedding all edited & pre-visualized how you are going to tell your wedding day story… Now what?  
Some people will go ahead & upload these images into a proofing gallery for the client to see.  Perhaps you ask your clients to choose the images for the album.  For us, we want to show our couples their wedding day story first… I feel like scrolling through images in a proofing gallery or even in a blog post is quite possibly the most underwhelming method a couple can experience their day for the first time.
Instead, have your couple experience their wedding album before they see anything else.  If you work out of a studio space, you can make this a special viewing… We don’t work in a studio & we have a lot of out of town clients, so instead we present our couples a slideshow of their album set to lovely music.  I can’t tell you the number of phone calls I get from couples in tears after watching their album for the first time… It’s intense!
OK so we show them their album first, so yes, this means that we choose all of the images.  Our clients don’t.  Think that might raise an issue?  Here’s what: People are hiring US because we are the professional photographers.  They should trust our vision… If they don’t, perhaps they’re not the right fit for you.  Of course we do allow for couples to make tweaks to their initial designs… we want them to LOVE their album.  
Now on to the designing…
We do all of our album designs using Adobe InDesign.  It is meant for page layouts… Photoshop is not!  It is super slick, fast & makes album designing super easy!  Even if you don’t like designing albums, I swear you’ll breeze through your albums & have super professional designs!!!  Having the album design completed first also makes blogging super duper quick!  I only blog the images I use in the initial design & I’ve got a handful of collages of details & whatnot already to go… copy them from InDesign & paste into a Photoshop document. CAKE! 
It works seamlessly with Bridge & Photoshop… Nothing is permanent when using InDesign, like it would be in Photoshop.  When I have a client request changes to their album, it literally takes a few minutes for me to send them an update.  They’re always so surprised at how fast I can show them their requested changes!
Here’s a little video to get you started with InDesign… I’d highly recommend downloading the trial & seeing what you think… I have no doubts that you’ll spend the few hundred $$ to pick up the full version… This is fairly basic & do not go over everything you can do with this software.  I’m also no expert, this is what I do… I’m sure there are 100 different ways to make albums using this… 
Tip: watch the HD version here to get a better look at the screen: 

InDesign Albums from Mary Wyar on Vimeo.

I’ve got a half dozen of our albums featured @ if you’d like to see more of our finished album design.  

If you have more questions, I’m now offering one on one photographer’s consults… More info on that here

Happy album designing!! :)