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tara + ryan | Chagrin Valley Hunt Club cleveland wedding

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ceremony: St. Christopher’s Church | Gates Mills, Ohio
reception: Chagrin Valley Hunt Club | Gates Mills, Ohio
bride’s dress: Watter’s
bridesmaids dresses: Jim Hjelm
coordination: Kirkbrides, Allison
florist: Plantscaping
cake: Appetite Bakery
DJ: Packey Malley’s DJs
videographer: Inspired Image Video

bre + eric | the pinnacle maumee ohio wedding


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bride’s dress: pronovia’s
bride’s shoes: j.crew
bridesmaids dresses: j.crew
hair + makeup: reve salon & spa sylvania ohio
ceremony: saint patrick’s heatherdowns toledo ohio
reception: the pinnacle maumee ohio
flowers: glendale flowers
dj: decorative sound

brittany + tyler | geneva on the lake ohio wedding



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ceremony & reception: the lodge at geneva on the lake geneva, ohio
bride’s gown: monique l’huillier
bridesmaids dresses: express
florals: blush custom weddings
band: grand avenue band
decorative wine corks: the bride & groom! (brittany may be posting extras on etsy!)


laura + jason | windows on the river cleveland wedding



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bride’s gown: casablanca
bridesmaids dresses: j. crew
ceremony: saint angela merci, fairview park ohio
reception: windows on the river, cleveland ohio
florist: the gift hut

ruthie + matt | toledo ohio beach wedding



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beth + joey | hilton garden inn, perrysburg ohio wedding



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2nd shooter: abby troxell
ceremony & reception: hilton garden inn, perrysburg ohio

raquel + jason | parkway place toledo ohio wedding



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2nd shooter: gregg hart :)
bride’s gown: christina wu
bridesmaids dresses: bari jay

ceremony: the historic st patrick toledo ohio

reception: parkway place toledo ohio

dj: decorative sound

florist: sherrys touch

videography: showcase video prodcutions


the album.

for photogs, wedding

This year has been such a learning experience.  Figuring out workflow, taxes (ugghh), dealing with equipment issues… I have a feeling that every year I will learn through trials and tribulations… I will never sit back and say, YES! I now have it all figured out. Won’t ever happen… and I don’t want it to.

One huge thing I learned this year was the importance of THE album.  I have memories of looking at my parents wedding album, opening up the plastic covered white silk album, the corners adorned with metallic photo corners… one huge print per page.  It’s funny how certain things stick with you.  That memory made me want to make sure everyone of my couples had a wedding album… and that’s what happened… though they all may not have them yet, they will soon. :)
Midway through the season, I reworked my workflow.  The first thing my couples saw after their wedding wasn’t a blog post or their gallery full of thumbnails, it was their album design.  I designed the biggest, baddest album without any limitations and presented their wedding to them in story form.  They saw their wedding for the first time how I visualized it while shooting.  This has been the biggest and most rewarding change to how I do my post work.
I design the album 100% in Adobe InDesign from scratch, no templates.  InDesign makes it extremely easy for me to design a modern album in hours.  I know the spacing is perfect and it works seamlessly with Photoshop & Bridge, so I can easily make sure the photos will look great in print.  All the spreads have white backgrounds, are completely clean and modern.  I don’t want the album to look dated in 5 years, and by keeping it simple, about the photos and not the design, I know it will never look trendy.  Pro DPI (an environmentally conscious pro lab) does the printing of my spreads, sends them to me to so I can approve the color and quality before I ship them off to Renaissance for the production of the album.
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sarah + cj | hilton garden inn perrysburg ohio wedding

[blogshow id=cc27 player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=0]2nd shooter: Abby Troxell!
ceremony: zoar lutheran perrysburg ohio
reception: hilton garden inn perrysburg ohio
coordination: bee for the day
dj: decorative sound
florist: hafner’s
videography: fordham footage