maude + zach

maude + zach


I hadn’t been to Baltimore since 2003 when I followed a little punk band to a show in a warehouse… oh to be in your early 20s again ;)  So I was pleasantly surprised when Maude and Zach invited me out & showed me around their city.  There is an artist community that reminds me of what is happening in Toledo Old West End, but on a larger scale.  We visited murals done by local artists, the museum, the Rawlings Conservatory where Zach volunteers and hung out at their early 1900s brick townhouse that has just as much character as the lovebirds themselves.

Quite a bit more photos than I typically share of engagement sessions… but I took a plane ride and hung out for a few hours, so why not?!

I adore how these two love and embrace color… very much inspired!

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